Chelsea Surtees

Sheriff of The Kingdom


One of three siblings (Corban, the oldest, Connor the middle and Chelsea the youngest) who are joined not only by family, but undeath. There is an unnatural closeness between the three, as though they know what the others are thinking and feeling at all times. They are rarely out of each others sight, and typically, if one is there, the other two are as well.

Filling three of the vital roles within The Kingdom, they are ruthless, cold and efficient. All have slightly different skills, and the roles where offered by the Prince to divide between them as they saw fit.

Chelsea has always delighted in control. As the youngest of the siblings, she learnt early how to bend the brothers to her will, and they are fanatical about protecting her. At this stage, her laws coincide nicely with the Princes’ and so he allows her the leeway to do as she sees fit.

Gorgeous, cold, striking, etheral. All these words have described her, but the only ones to see her as anything other than the epitome of law within her new realm are the brothers, Corban and Connor.

Face model – Cate Blanchett


Current: The Surtees siblings power has swelled with the vast increase in vampires seeking haven in Sanctuary. They are still all but inseparable, and this affects both their political and physical power as there is always the three involved in each situation.

Chelsea is clearly the decision maker of the three. Her word is law, and if anything, she has even more control over the Sanctuary than she did over The Kingdom when it was in the main city.

Ashton rarely bothers to control her anymore so the major power struggle is between her and Caroline Montague. These two powerful women control most of the influence at Sanctuary and Chelsea is always looking for ways to take more.

Chelsea Surtees

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