Carrie Nichol

GM of Xenith Corporation


Slim and gorgeous, Carrie is young (very early forties) for her role, and successful. Second only to the CEO, she holds a phenomenal amount of power in the business world. She is organised, clearly incredibly intelligent and very driven.

Face model – Sandra Bullock


Current: In a world of changing climates, loyalties and needs, Carrie has held onto an extremely prestigious and dangerous role with a massive corp. Her early success and then subsequent failure with the synthetic blood proved her ruthlessness that few saw. Nicholas Blewett recognised this trait early and allowed her to flourish.

Now in her mid sixties, she is still slim, attractive and very vibrant. She has changed in her manner of dealing with people however and is much colder than she had been. The necessity of holding onto her role has forced a mindset onto her and she is extremely aggressive with her policy and goals. The corporate espionage world seems to have suited her.

Carrie Nichol

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