Caroline Montague

Seneschal of The Kingdom


Immaculate, proper, charming, efficient. All these words describe Caroline. She runs nightly business of The Kingdom for Ashton, and does it well.

She always dresses up and takes herself and her role in this society very seriously. As an older looking woman, she is still striking.

Face model – Helen Mirren


Current: Becoming a vampire later in life has not held Caroline back in the slightest. She has held onto her position of power through shrewd use of alliances, bribes and threats that only a lifetime of experiences could have garnered.

She has become the Princes voice of reason as well as the Prince continues to slide slowly down a dark slope. There is some bond there between the two, and while nobody knows what it is, they are thankful that somebody has even a modicum of control over such a powerful being like Ashton van Merwe.

Her biggest rival is Chelsea Surtees, who along with the brothers Corban and Connor, via for the influence and political power in Sanctuary.

Caroline Montague

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