Brock Venture

Owns the Downtown


She dresses like a trendy middle aged woman and seems very personable.

Face Model: Jane Leeves


Beneath this is an incredibly driven woman, fighting for her species rights and place in society. She is intelligent, attractive, determined and knows how to get things done. Owns the Downtown, a last chance home for vampires down on their luck or new to the species.

The Downtown has grown in the last ten years. There are a number of full time staff there, including Talia, who handles all the teaching classes, ranging from adjusting to unlife, to working, to coping, to basics of powers.

Current: Brock has become the face of the downtrodden vampire and genuinely seems to care about the fate of those vampires that are struggling to cope and have nowhere else to turn.

She has used the Downtown business to branch out and is now the semi-public face of the Nighthawks.

Brock Venture

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