Ashton Van Merwe

Prince of The Kingdom


He looks almost grunge with bad stubble, long straight hair and worn out clothes. His style certainly doesn’t fit the current contemporary styles, but his bearing transcends that and he is almost majestic. It is hard not to notice him and almost everything else in his presence fades to the background.

Face model – Brad Pitt


The Kingdom has only been around for six years, but in that time, disillusioned vampires have flocked to it. While it doesn’t actually have sovereign state, the vampires there treat it as such due to the overwhelming personality of the leader, the self styled Prince. He has set up an archaic government system there and while age doesn’t seem to matter, he does pick those who offer him something he doesn’t already have. There is plenty of political bickering in his court, but as long as it doesn’t get out of hand, he allows his subjects to play their little games.

His court is gaining a reputation for efficient brutality for those that fail him or don’t play along. His political power is growing outside of The Kingdom as well. Many people wonder just how much of it is his vampiric abilities augmenting his interactions and as such are genuinely worried that he will force changes that only benefit him and his kingdom.

Current: The Kingdom has grown substantially, and it is down to the leadership of Ashton. He is seen as an extremist by most, but for his charges, this is the only way they see Vampires surviving the current climate.

It is now known that he is extremely old, possibly several thousand years old in fact, and one of three brothers, although there are rumours that one of the brothers has since been destroyed by the Four Horsemen.

Along with vast age comes vast power and experience. He rarely leaves Sanctuary now, but when he does, events are molded by his actions. There is a slightly worrying sign that he is perhaps losing what little humanity he has left and it has been suggested that he voluntarily enters torpor for a time to recoup some of his humanity. Thus far, he has rebuffed all of these suggestions.

His relationship to the other brother, Nicholas Blewett (of Xenith) remains frosty at best thanks to Xenith harvesting his genes to enable them to inject people and turn them into vampires, thus helping them create a need for their products.

There are some power plays happening in Sanctuary between Caroline Montague and Chelsea Surtees. He personally favours Caroline, but is content to let the events play out as he deals with other issues, confident that he can deal with any threats to his authority should they arise.

Ashton Van Merwe

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