Alistair Waugh

CFO of Xenith Corporation


Alistair has always carried himself with grace. He dresses immaculately and grooms himself, trending with fashion as it comes and goes.

Face model – Benjamin Bratt


Socially, he is knowledgeable, intelligent and an easy conversationalist. Technology clearly fascinates him over any other topic, and his this was why he was attracted to Xenith. His financial acumen allowed Xenith to recover from the bill that failed to allow them to sell clones as a food source and it was his direction that took the company into synthetics (blood being the most well known).

The synthetic blood has proved to be a nourishing as the real thing somehow, and at a price that most people can afford as their normal grocery shopping, they have absolutely cornered the market and as a company, are even bigger now than ten years ago.

Current: He’s aged gracefully and still carries the clout of a successful business man, despite Xenith losing the synthetic blood market. He potentially would have retired by now, but has maintained an aggressive desire to continue his work.

Alistair Waugh

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