Agent Mira Anderson

Paladin Supernatural Division Agent


A now middle aged woman, Mira joined the Supernatural Division when it was first set up and has been in her role for over twenty years.

Face model: Helen Hunt


She has a vast knowledge of the types of scenarios this division can find itself, along with a substantial number of successful mission, ranging from burning assets, information gathering, general spy work and has always been prompt ensuring paper work is both correct and on time.

She spends almost all of her time in her human form, finding this to be the most convenient for her purposes, but there has been a number of occasions where she has been required to shift into her werewolf war form to save the lives of those around her.

She is unlikely to retire anytime soon however, as she leads a very holistic life, trains and eats well and functions as well as an agent half her age.

Agent Mira Anderson

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