Hawkes Bay Vampire

There and Back again by Frank Tepisco

Frank learns Latin

After the fight and Ten pin Bowling of heads down the hallway we head to the lower levels of the Xynith building.
we find some sort of computer and a trap door leading down to a lab of some sort.
we learned that the prince has a brother, and he and the prince had some sort of terrible thing happen to them wile they were at the lab.
Our resident psychic picked up on some bad mo-jo wile holding a deceased persons lab coat.
then the inevitable fade to white happened and we end up in a humid swampy grass land with the sounds of war all around us and the sun coming up fast.

It was find cover very quickly or start panicking and dig a hole with my teeth – fast.
Thankfully we found a up turned tank that we could layup for the day.
we we all got inside and we find that someone else was in there with us. The Princes Brother!
who it turns out is Xynith! ( so i instantly distrust him and or hate him )
we learn very little from him and them whiteout to yet another war, but this time with the Romans.

We decide to head for the main encampment to see if we could talk with someone. . . no no no that’s to easy,
we end up at spear point being lead into a tent and told to stay there. (not an option)
since i had no idea what or how to communicate with these people at this time i turn to the Frenchy to teach me a few words in Latin.
meanwhile the bullet smith buggers of, the teacher gets stabbed and the wall of mussel starts to look very very put out.
its at this time i think to myself its time to have a word or two with the guards that are holding us captive.
i stick my head out the tent to have it all most made a pin cushion. " please take us to your commander_" “NO” "_right you are"
tent comes down surrounded by spears and whiteout again.

Now it looks like we are in Egypt i think we are close to seeing what the prince wants us to see.



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