Hawkes Bay Vampire

The Night Hawks, a secret entrance and four artifacts to go

Since we had time to kill we decided to go pay a visit to the Night Hawks, brian decided to stay behind and play with his new toy. The Night Hawks have been forced underground into the sewers and there numbers are dropping due to vamps going to The Kingdom, either by choice or against there will, which is a little sad. We meet with Dog who had some useful information for us, a secret way into Gavascorp. So after a bit of a chat we make arrangements for the following night.
The next night we meet up and get taken to the entrance that the Night Hawks have found which appears to be magical, which was over our heads but hey it got us in. After coming up with a plan we send in Brian to have a scout around, he gets back and fills us in on the situation, The plan we had would mean that Brian would have to go this one alone since he can go invisible and we would stay behind and give him an amount of time to get to the safe get the artifacts then make his way back to us. Ok times up so we make our way up to check on Brian, but first we run into a tec personal. After being mind fucked by Frank the tec bolts because the werewolf was to much for him to handle, we make our way to the top and we are greeted by guards and then the mayhem begins.
After a brief scuffle Brian appears and informs us that he has the artifacts, so we start to make our retreat backdown, we get out thank Dog for his help and then make our separate ways as to not get them involved the Night Hawks. Well we have four of them so that makes four more to find.



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