Hawkes Bay Vampire

The Further Adventures of Kaleb and his Minions

So after our efforts at the rival corporations base we decided to go check out this Kingdom Place. High in the mountains only able to be choppered in and a bit of a hike to the entrance. Not very inviting. Then the snowy climate turned into a frosty reception. There is a battle a brewing in that place and the Prince is just watching on as if its a soap opera. So we were ushered into some rooms for the night and actually locked in. Given no food we decided we did not like being prisoners so made our escape thanks to some quick thinking from my new puppy. (I like having a pet again.) Anyway we had a little bit of a scuffle with some armed guards. I had to drink from them to heal as again I seemed to take more than my fair share of damage. One may be dead and the other one I should have killed because I now have a little bit of a blood bond to him. Anyway we rescued the Xenith accountant, got down the mountain to be met by the Prince who said to tell his brother they were now even as he gave my little puppy a treat in the form of a flash drive. He then sent us on our way. Be interesting to see where to from here.



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