Hawkes Bay Vampire

Intercepted Email #3

To: portisk8@pricefield.com

So you know that flash drive? Turns out it’s full of info about the end of the world. Or, ends of the world, cause it has already happened a bunch of times. And it sounds like some jokers want to hurry up the next one. Do your parents still have that disaster bunker? Mum and I might be coming for a visit soon.

The next thing the fangs needed to investigate was a bank that’s owned by some group called “The Four Horsemen.” Yes, the name is a little on the nose, even for a doomsday cult.

It wasn’t a normal bank. Some sort of electronic bank where corporations hide secure their precious data. Ethan seemed to think it was the place TFH were most likely to keep their dirty secrets.

Turned out these fangs do have one weakness. Receptionists who say “no.” Unable to get past the lobby at night, and with all the guards in the place, we decided not to try and force the point.

So we came back during the day. And by “we” I mean “me.” So there I am, trussed up like a white collar suit doing my best impression of a corporate secretary trying to set up an account for my fictitious boss.

No, there isn’t pictures, and if there is I’ll burn them.

In the end I couldn’t get access to their computers but Cooper, Xenith’s pet hacker that we rescued the other night, wrote a fancy hacking program and all we had to do was email it to one of their email addresses.



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