Hawkes Bay Vampire

Intercepted email #2

To: portisk8@pricefield.com


Sorry it took a bit to get back to you, I was a little out of service areas when you replied. No, I didn’t take a snowboard with me, but it wasn’t really that sort of a mountain. Unless you like your extreme sports a bit more extreme than normal.

Turns out the Kingdom actually live in a cave complex they’ve extended into the mountain. It was horribly cold, even though there were some human servants there but I guess the fangs don’t care about comfortable temperatures.

The first representative of the Kingdom to welcome us was a lovely old lady-fang called Caroline Montague. She seemed quite gracious and extended a special invitation to Frank. Not sure what it meant but I guess he’s special to the Kingdom or something.

Then a couple of sibling fangs came in and did their best to be complete and utter dicks. I guess they’ve had a run in with the fangs I’m with or something, but the feeling of hostility seemed pretty mutual. Reminder to self to not get on Kaleb’s bad side.

Turns out we had another reason for going there. Zenith wanted us to track down one of their missing tech guys, who they were pretty sure had been taken by Kingdom. That was going to be difficult with the Kingdom keeping us locked up except for the occasional toilet break for me. On one of those trips I did get to do a bit of an explore and saw their servants acting like they’re drugged to the point of being barely conscious and they were also using them to provide blood. Gross.

During one of those bathroom trips the tech guy we were looking for managed to get a message to me on my phone. It confirmed he was here, but he also warned us the Kingdom was planning on just keeping us locked up. Guess they didn’t factor in the fact that keeping you servants stoned makes them easy pick-pocket targets. Once I had the key to the room the servant went off to get another one and I sabotaged the lock to ensure we could come and go as we pleased.

When we found the tech guy he had a couple of guards so the scarier members of my fang group took care of that. Frank and I went in to the tech guys room to grab him only to find he was busy doing his work. Not work for Kingdom, but his work from Xenith. While kidnapped he had managed to hack into the Xenith network to continue his work as though he was still turning up like normal. He took a bit of convincing but we managed to get through to him that we needed to leave now.

Once out of the Kingdom we headed down to the helicopters, but there was someone waiting for us. None other than the Prince, who gave the guys some vague advice that just seemed to make them uncomfortable and said he was now square with them. Oh, and he gave me a flash drive.



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