Hawkes Bay Vampire

I think we just stuffed our scouts plans

we get tired of waiting

Waiting for the Email to do its job we go and visit the Night Hawks,
They live in the underbelly of human society, most are the clan of nostfuratu .
We have a chat with I think the guy in charge called dog. He talks about their numbers and that they are dwindling, I think they are waiting Tarlia to take over and bolster their numbers.
After a small chat we learn that they can get us into the building owned by the four horsemen. We plan to go the next night.

The next night comes around and we arrive at the basment floor of the building. There is an invisible door… Cool whatever works.
We send in our ugly to scout the room. 10 mins later he has seen the bottom floor.
We had found out from the Email thing that at the top floor there is a safe and what we are after is possibly in that.
Mr ugly volunteers to go up and get them, it helps that one can be invisible.
Waiting Waiting Waiting man how long does it take if you are invisible? He must be in trouble. We decide to go help him and or rescue him.
basement floor we hit trouble, this is less than ideal because it’s the first 20 meters . A tecko spots us, much rushing and turning into small huge werewolf and mind altering goes on and one very scared Tecko runs up and out hopefully luring as many guards with him.
We rush up stairs keeping a lookout for Mr ugly. Last door last floor he must be in here (door opens) how wrong could one be?
We are greeted by four guards , they turn and look and chaos starts .
now four guards to deal with and no sign of Mr ugly.
Claws , nashing of teeth, shooting ,and freeze words happen and from behind us a Mr ugly turns up and says he has everything. (I think we just blew or stealthy man’s cover) so we bug out, shooting running and we are out, back home to tell the wall of muscle all about our successful infiltration. We now have four parts of the summoning Mats we need for the Phoenix four to go



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