Hawkes Bay Vampire

I find the Kingdom's hospitality lacking

Well that sucked.

After the long walk up the mountain we do notice a lack of any guards. Guess they do not need them up here.
We are greeted by Caroline Montague, a lady we have tangled with before. This time a lot more dignified. Straight to business she asks me to join ( the kingdom seams to be under the control of two factions and not the prince , this surprises me).

Caroline Montague seams to be one of the more powerful Vampires and is the more social of them. If i were to join i would be answering to her.
On the other hand i could join Chelsea Surtees the Sheriff of the Kingdom a much more shall we say dominant personality. Chelsea entered the room where we were talking to Caroline and told her in no uncertain terms to leave. A much less dignified chat happened and we were then escorted to our room.

Expecting to rest for the day and start our business the next night we all were ready for a good days sleep.
The next night comes around and we wait for someone to come and get us so we could start with our business. We wait and wait and wait apart from a few toilet breaks no one came and no refreshments. Perhaps they had forgotten us? We start to talk and Caroline Montague shows up she had been listing in. She tells us that Cooper du Toit is indeed here and she will aid us in getting him out of the Kingdom.

Next night its time to start looking for a way out they are not letting us out of our room.
The werewolf comes in handy again and manages to keep the door from locking when she comes back from another toilet break. Time to get this Cooper du Toit and leave this not so friendly place.

Caroline Montague came through with her side and we only had to tango with two guards. We found Cooper hard at work at his desk in a locked room. we all thought he had been mind controlled thinking he was still working at Xynith because when questioned he told us he was still working on Xynith business but this was not the case. Cooper du Toit the best employee in the world managed to be kidnapped and forced to work for the kingdom but still managed to link up with Xynith’s Computer system and keep doing his job.

Finlay out of the Kingdom a long walk back to a helicopter (hopefully). We arrive 4 hours later and there standing by the chopper is Ashton Van Merwe. A small chat later and apparently he and his brother are now even and he handed the werewolf a small drive. oooowwwww i really want to see what is on that.



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