Hawkes Bay Vampire

Here is your gift and now i want to kill you

don't piss off a powerful Vampire

So the Statue from my last post was a Gargoyle.
The Prince was always there in the room with his brother.
Ding Dong the Bitch is Dead.
The Four Horse Men of the Apocalypse are real.
We had the sword and the prince and we did not know it.

So the last few seconds of our lives has been fulled up with a few days of Time Travel Knowledge.
we came back to my apartment to the prince and told everything we need to know abut his two brothers.
But what we needed to know was “kill their Minions or i kill you”.
Not allot of choice there but i did protest to the prince and was met with the sharp end of the Scepter / Sword and told to get out of my own House.

I set up a meeting with the head of the Church and went and cry’ed to her about the Prince.
turns out he had bet me to it and already charmed his way into the good books with her.

He (Prince) is a total wanker.

FBI – Locked in room and told find bad guys and bring to Justice ( if captured or found cant say it was the FBI we are working for ) also now a private company (possibly one of the brothers owns them now) Cheers.

Prince – Kill Minions or i kill you. Cheers.

Brothers – Want to kill us ( one of them at least – other Brother not to sure what he wants) Cheers.

Things are looking good right about now for us.



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