Hawkes Bay Vampire

FBI Field Report 12476-C (Ethan)

History always repeats

I do not know whether this report will get filed correctly, or discarded as some work of fantasy. Either way I must report on what I’ve experienced.

We completed as much searching we felt we had time for in the Xenith building. We found a hidden basement, which was constructed in a very different style to the rest of the building. In there we found evidence of a laboratory of some sort. There were restraints that indicated the subjects may not have been willing, although at some point they were able to break free. Upon handling some of the items I was overcome with an impression of the test being performed, and it appeared Xenith was experimenting in creating supernatural creatures. After calming down I made sure not to touch anything else for a while. Then everything went white and we found ourselves somewhere else.

This time we didn’t seem to travel as far in time, but more in distance. Judging by the vehicles we observed, we appeared to have arrived during some great war. We took shelter in a damaged tank as sunrise was not long away, only to find it was already occupied. Inside was the Prince’s brother, who also claimed to know us, much like the Prince did. Before we could question him though, everything went white and we were transported again.

To a primitive battlefield. Our new recruit proved himself quite useful by identifying the language one side was speaking as a form of Latin. He attempted to gain more information from them but they were not very forthcoming, and made us wait in a tent. A couple of our group got bored and just as it appeared they’d aggravated our hosts into action everything went white again.



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