Hawkes Bay Vampire

Computers! why did it have to be Computers.

Frank talks to people not computers.

We get back to Xynith and the flash drive is all about the Phoenix project and some personal information for Nicholas Blewett.

Turns out that the Phoenix is a “thing” that can wipe the slate clean / stop doom or bring it about and Talia Dunnage’s parents were trying to summon “it” for what reason we have not figured out yet.

Possibly they knew about the four horsemen and were trying to stop them.

That brings me to what we are now up to – The Four Horseman.
We have been given a possible location of their base and or Storage facility.

Off to check it out , we do a drive by and eye up the place and see it is a building ( for what i now know as a huge data bank – not what i thought it was at first ) we go in late at night and try to get access to a computer there so we can upload a virus to extract information out of their servers.
We all became well antiquated with the guards and the guards became well antiquated with all our bits.
After a bit of talking we would have to come back the next morning – problem.

Off goes the wolf to try to get access to the computer systems wile we slept.
No direct access but she has managed to implant a virus through the email – very cleaver of her lets just hope it works.

We now play the waiting game.



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